Anyone that knows John & Christie Di Lemme KNOWS for certain that we are staunch supporters of Conservative Values as the Founders of the Conservative Business Journal one of the most feared voices out there by the Fake News.

However, one thing that you may not know about us is that we are Health and Fitness Fanatics. As you always hear me say, I’m 56 years young, prescription free and wrote about my dislike for Big Pharma in my first book 20 years ago.

Why did we start Conservative Health and Fitness?

Because we got tired of seeing so many Conservatives jacked up on prescriptions plus all of the Covid Celebrities pushing junk supplements and ripping people off.

And what really drives me crazy is to see an out of shape person selling you some garbage products when they don’t even live the Health and Fitness lifestyle.

Christie and I lived and breathed health and fitness way before the China virus came about!

We are Conservative business owners who take pride in our health, love plant-based food, and are focused on fighting to protect traditional American values…

This includes being in the best physical shape of our lives to easily defeat the enemy trying to destroy our nation.

So, here we are...

Conservative Health and Fitness

We love absolutely love America and are committed to share how you too can Improve Your Health and Fitness so you can achieve your next level of Health and Fitness as we stand strong together in our fight for America!

John Di Lemme

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